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I know that I’ve now written two book review on books by the wonderful Marissa Meyer. You all must be exhausted from listening to me rave about the woman, but I can’t help it. Her stories are beautiful, as are her covers. For instance:

Isn’t that just gorgeous? However, she has several other cover designs in different countries.



Same goes for Scarlet, the sequel.


Confession time: I’m simply using this blog post as an excuse to sing Marissa Meyer’s praises again. No judgements, here.

I must say she is one of my favorite authors at the moment.

By the way, she has three short stories out to supplement her series, The Lunar Chronicles. I didn’t read them as they were released because I wasn’t aware that they were available to read for free on the app, “Wattpad”. So when I did find out, I immediately downloaded the app and read them all!

I have a feeling there will be no dragging me from the computer ever again.

Anyway, the short stories are cute, and they give a little more background on the series. For instance, the first one, Glitches, is about Cinder and her adjustment into Garan’s family. The second one, The Queen’s Army, is about Wolf and his transition from Lunar trainee to the wolf-like soldier he was turned into.


The most recent of the short stories created by Marissa Meyer is The Little Android, which is a story based on the fairytale, The Little Mermaid.

I could go on and on and rave for hours about how much I enjoy Marissa Meyer’s creativity, her writing, her stories, and her characters. But I won’t, because you would probably never read my blog posts ever again.

Marissa, can you please be my friend?

And, you know, keep writing books forever so I can continue to rave about you?



(Note: pictures courtesy of Google. As much as I love these, they are not mine, and the books were written by Marissa Meyer. All credit goes to her and her cover art designer[s].)