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Cinder is a mechanic living in New Beijing with her stepmother and two stepsisters. (Sound familiar?) She’s surprised to find Kai, the handsome prince, in her shop one day, and he asks her to fix a droid for “sentimental reasons”. Cinder doesn’t quite believe him, but she gets to work anyway, still thinking about the dreamy Prince and how kind he had been to her. She fantasizes, even though she knows that Kai would be disgusted to find out that she was a cyborg.

Their world is stricken with a plague, a horrible disease that no one has yet to survive. There are random drawings to decide which cyborgs the scientists will experiment on, with or without the cyborg’s consent. They are desperate to find a cure, with the King now being ill.

When Cinder’s stepsister, Peony, is struck with the plague, her stepmother blames Cinder and volunteers her to be experimented on. However, when Dr. Erland begins conducting tests, he is overjoyed to find that she is immune.

After that, Cinder makes regular trips to the palace, where Dr. Erland can make tests on her to see how he can find the cure. Meanwhile, she meets Prince Kai on a number of occasions, and she’s beginning to think that he may have more of an interest in her besides her ability to fix his droid. But if the Lunar Queen, the ruler of the race of people that reside on the moon, gets her way, Prince Kai will marry her, or else she will wage war on the planet.

Tongue Scale: rated “Slap On the Wrist”

There was little swearing (maybe one or two profanities in all)

Firecracker Scale: rated “Kindling”

Cinder and Kai share one kiss.

Gore Gauge: rated “Fist Fight”

That might be a slightly generous rating. I don’t even know that it had that much violence. It was exciting, and even though Cinder is injured at one point, she’s a cyborg, so there’s no gore or blood.

Positive Content:

People believe that the Lunars are magicians, and humans are afraid of them. Marissa Meyer is very careful about clarifying that Lunars don’t use magic; they’re just able to manipulate bioelectric energy. Honestly, I’m not questioning her explanation because in this society, where droids have personalities and cyborgs aren’t exactly rare, I can believe that this is a plausible idea.

Cinder is the first in a series of 4 books. The sequel, which is out and I have also read, is called Scarlet, and it’s a continuation of the same story, except Marissa Meyer chose to introduce a character named Scarlet. She is based off of Little Red Riding Hood. The next book, Cress, is not quite out yet, but it will be in February. Marissa has also announced another book, which is supposed to be released sometime in 2015, called Winter.

I’m very excited for the rest of the series, and I would definitely consider Cinder and Scarlet to be two of my favorite books at the moment. I strongly recommend them! I truly loved the story. It was an intriguing concept, and I felt that Marissa Meyer was incredibly creative in incorporating both fantasy and science fiction.

So go read it. Bye.